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Camera Power Modes


The camera has three power modes: normal, economy and sleep.

Normal Mode

In the normal mode, the camera is fully operational. That is, the battery has sufficient power to shoot and playback pictures. The power indicator is glows green. The battery level indicator on the display shows the amount of charge remaining.

Economy Mode

In the economy mode, the camera does not have enough power to operate the display. The camera can neither show live previews nor playback photos. However, it can still shoot photos. You will have to use the viewfinder to frame your pictures. Also, in this mode the flash is deactivated and hence good photos can only be taken of well-lit scenes. Before entering the economy mode, the camera flashes the "Economy Mode" message on the display and then turns the display off. The power indicator blinks during this mode. You should seriously consider recharging the camera now.

When the camera has no more power to take any photos, the power indicator blinks red a few times before the camera shuts down. You will have to recharge the camera to use it again.

Sleep Mode

When the camera is idle for more than 45 seconds, it automatically shuts down. You can turn it on again using the mode dial.