Power Generator
Imaging Lens
Image Sensor
Polyoptic Wheel
Viewfinder, Eye
LED Flash
LCD Display
Image Processing

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Firmware in Action

01. While camera is ON Repeat the following:
02. Signal image sensor to capture photo
03. Display captured photo on LCD
04. Check if shoot button is pressed
     If pressed Do steps 5-11:
05. Read position of mode knob
06. Configure image sensor for capture
07. Signal buzzer to beep
08. Signal image sensor to capture photo
09a. Sensor turns on flash in low light
09b. Sensor takes photo
09c. Sensor compresses photo
10. Transfer photo to Flash Memory
11. Display photo on LCD
Click on any instruction to see what it does
Buzzer Camera
Memory Image
USB LED Flash LCD Mode Knob Shoot
Figure 3: Bigshot's firmware in action

Figure 3 shows Bigshot's firmware in action. While the actual instructions are long and complex strings of 0's and 1's, here they are shown in plain English so we can easily understand the action that results from each instruction. Note that the instructions given in Figure 3 represent a very small piece of the complete firmware. It only describes the sequence of actions taken by the controller in the particular event where the photographer presses the shoot button while the camera is in the Auto Flash mode. Some of the instructions (like Step 8) tell the camera controller to give orders to other components. Click on each instruction in Figure 3 to visualize the action it performs.